Brain scientists, educators, and economist agree, the first five years of life are a critical time when children develop the early cognitive and social skills that set the foundation for success later in school and life. Investing in these key skills so early on is proven evidential in their success later in life such as studying at university and career prospects. 


Nursery & Pre-school provides a safe, fun and stimulating environment in which your little angels can grown, develop and flourish in these key areas of development surrounded by peers of their own age. Early intervention is proven one of the most effective ways to support a child with any additional needs. For example speech and language delay this can be worked closely with before even beginning at school therefore giving your little angel the tools needed to successfully participate and flourish in school. 


I thought it would be really interesting in this blog to look at the wider effects childcare as an investment has on our wider community and society. Please have a read through a couple of engaging articles below discussing the investment on our society. 


Early childcare education does not just affect you and your child but the whole community, this research article states:


This really interesting article discusses how children getting a head start in education can reduce the likelihood of adult poverty, well worth a read: