Returning to work and leaving your little angel is a big decision and there are so many different forms of childcare available it can be a little overwhelming. In todays Blog Post I am going to give you a breakdown of the various options out there and what these mean for your little angel.

Childminders are registered with Ofsted and are self employed usually taking care of children within their own home. Due to the location childminders often take care of a small number of children, due to space and child to adult ratio as they usually work independently.

Children's Centre's
These centre began as part of the 'sure start' programme and focused on targeting child poverty. These tend to be drop in centres to support the whole family, some centre's do offer childcare options however, most children's centre's you are still responsible for your child's care and you have to stay on site. This is more of an opportunity to meet with other parents have a well earned cup of tea while your little angel plays and interacts with other children.

Pre-school Playgroups
Pre school offers childcare during school time and term time only so they are not an option for all year round full time childcare, but a great option for non working parents. Pre-School's can sometimes be connected to schools however are often run by private individuals or charities. These are an option for non working parents with children over the age of 2.

Day Nurseries
Nurseries offer childcare for children from various ages to five years old for example here at Marcham Little Angels we take children from 6 months in our baby room all the way up until they live for primary school, this makes it a great option for parents with siblings under the age of 5. Day nurseries offer childcare all throughout the year during working times i.e. 7.30-5.30pm this may vary at different settings. This makes day nurseries a great option for full time working parents.


A nanny is generally employed by a family to work independently particularly for them to look after their child/ children. Nannies come sometimes live in your family home to provide care around the clock or live out depending on the nannie and your needs. This is a preferred option for busy working parents who may work away from home often however, do be aware particularly if your child is an only child they are not able to interact with other children and build their social skills. Nannies can also vary in qualifications and experience so this is something to be aware of when finding a suitable fit for your family.

Au pair
These tend to be students from outside the UK who come to study and improve their English. These tend to stay in your family home where your provide and bedroom, meals and pay a small weekly wage. Au Pair's can be very varied in experience and qualifications so this is something to be aware of when looking into this option.

Informal Childcare
This is a family member which can often be a grandparent sharing the childcare through the week. This is an option of parents working part-time and grandparents are able to look after your little angel two/three days and week. We think family time is so important and something precious however, do keep in mind if this is a suitable full time arrangement for both the grandparent's and your little angel, little ones can be full on energy!

I hope this has been helpful in the tough decision making you have ahead, there are so many options out there and it something that is personal to your family and your little angel. We hope you find the option that is right for you!

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