For centuries it has been understood that the environment in which a child is in can significantly affect their behaviour. In the 1800s childcare expert Froebel discussed the importance of environmental design in context to organic and nature and the positive effects this has upon children. The simplicity of an environment often becomes a haven of play and learning for children. 

This brings us to the design and layout of your little angels bedroom. We know the major impact of a room layout can have on the interaction with playing equipment from trailing this in our setting. When the room is set out in a easily accessible format for your child with engaging resources you can see the positive effect this has on your Childs behaviour and engagement in play. You do not need to spend lots of money on flashy toys and expensive equipment. Check out these simple tips for setting up a room that promotes positive behaviour.

·       Use clear boxes or open shelves at a low height for your Childs toys

·       Try not to over fill the boxes or accessible shelves so your child an easily choose the resource they wish

·       Reduce Clutter - spend some time with your child to choose which toys they wish to have available ( why not store other toys in boxes and put away, you can then swap these around each month) - this sets clear boundaries and their engagement with each toy will increase 

·       Quiet corner - put down a cushion in a corner with a few books they can self select, creating a quiet space for them allows them to relax and take ownership of their own quiet space 

·       Loose Parts Play - go for a walk with your little angel collect, sticks, stones, shells, leaves, cones ect and pop these in a box. They can then create whatever they wish with these resources i.e. build a robot or a house for their dolls ( you will be so surprised how engaged many children are with loos parts play, watch their imagination flourish)  

These are just a few changes, expense free that gives your little angel independence in their own room, accessibility and engagement in play and learning will have a positive effect on their behaviour at home.