Top Sleeping Tips for New Borns

As new parents sleep can seem like a distant memory. But do not worry it does not last forever and there a lots of things you can do to help set up a healthy sleep routine for both you and your little angel. We cannot promise these tips will work for everyone, as we are all unique including our babies but why not give them a try.


  • Establish a routine – Studies show that more nights a week your baby has the same routine the better they will sleep. Why not try a bath to end the day; warm water can help your baby become drowsy.
  • One last feeding – Just before you head to bed, gently wake your baby to give them their last feed, this may prevent more waking in the night.
  • Temperature check – The optimal temperate for a baby to sleep in is between 20 and 22 degrees. Make sure the room is not too hot, keep it cool.
  • Don’t be silent – babies are use to hearing sounds 24/7 in the womb, this is comforting to them so why not leave the door slightly open or play some white noise on a sleep app.
  • Slow breathing – when give your little angel bed time cuddles, slow your breath down to a calm state they will begin to imitate this and it sooths them.
  • Dim the lights – At bed time have calm relaxing lights in the room to signify the end of the day, close the curtains and set a relaxing mood
  • Don’t drink caffeine – If you a breastfeeding avoid any caffeine related drinks around bedtime as this will effect your little angel.
  • Sleep when your baby sleeps – the first few months are exhausting, make sure you take naps when your little angel is resting.

Remember you are not alone, everyone has been there and will support you. We are always here to talk to and even just sit down for a cup of tea with.