There has been a lot in the news lately around the use of the word 'Naughty' in terms of disciplining children. Many popular TV chat shows have been discussing whether this is wrong or right in their opinion. Piers Morgan on Good Morning Britain comes to mind branding nurseries as "pathetic" for banning the word. In reaction to a recent survey by stating '95 per cent of nursery staff are banned from calling children naughty' Piers Morgan tweeted "So now we can’t even call kids naughty when they’re being naughty? What a pathetic joke. We’re wrecking our children’s chances of surviving & thriving in adult life, in the real world."

At Little Angels we DO NOT use the word 'naughty'. We believe in promoting positive behaviour through positive reenforcement. By labelling a child 'naughty' this can give the child negative connotations of themselves and their behaviour. We help them identify their behaviour and recognises the impact certain behaviours can have on themselves and others. 

Example if a child was throwing blocks we speak to the child and help them identify the impact of the behaviour i.e. this could hurt themselves or another child or make a child sad. We would then re-suggest and implement a different activity i.e. throwing bean bags into a soft play area. This enables the child to continue to play and learn through their schema of learning but in a safe manner. This behaviour is not 'naughty' it is a method of them learning, experiment and playing with the world around them, our roles is to step in if there is danger to themselves or another child. With an older child for example in the preschool room we would explain the impact of this behaviour and show the child how this could endanger themselves and others. 

At Little Angels we take a holistic approach to managing behaviour taking in all the factors, the age of the child and the stage of the Childs development. Our childcare professionals know their key children inside and out and make a considered decision in deciding the course of action taken on managing behaviour bespoke to each individual child.