Is your little Angel a fussy eater? 

First thing, do not worry most children go through phases in which they are selective with the foods they choose to eat. They may have even use to love a dish and all of sudden refuse to eat it anymore or begin to reduce the variety of foods they enjoy. This can be worrying for parents, but do not fear this is normal.

Children are very resilient and they will not harm themselves if they do not eat much for a few days. However, if the problem continues and they begin to to loose weight dramatically and their growth is beginning to be affected please seek your doctor for further advice. 

Here are some top tips for supporting those fussy eaters:

  • Do not force feed your little angel
  • If they are refusing to eat, remove the food fuss free and do not offer an alternative, wait for the next snack/ meal time and offer the food again
  • Give little angel sized portions, do not over fill the plate this can be overwhelming for your child
  • Finger foods are a great option, so they can feed themselves as choose i.e. breadsticks, carrot sticks ect.
  • Avoid milk and fizzy drinks before food, this can fill your little angels tummy before they even begin
  • Avoid snacking before meal time 
  • Create a calm and relaxed environment during meal time, turn off the TV and pop the tablet away it can be a big distraction 
  • If you can have family time for meals, sit together and eat with your little angel it can encourage them to try the same food as you
  • Plate their food on their favourite plate why not try a paw patrol or princess plate!

"According to the British Dietetic Association’s paediatric group, new tastes or textures may need to be offered 16 or 17 times before your child will take them, so don’t give up too soon."