Returning to work after having your little angel can be really hard and its a big decision you want to get right for the whole family. We understand this is an emotional time and we are just here to support you and bring your family into our little angels family. We spoke to a parent about how she felt when returning to work i hope you enjoy...

We know its a hard choice to find the right childcare, what options did you feel were available for you?
"With my first child I was lucky enough for my mum to look after him for two days a week, I then had to make the choice of were else to send him. I had previously worked in childcare and knew a nursery was the right option for me. I looked at various nursery settings and prices I had a family connection to little angels and was local to the area so I knew this was the right option for me."

So maternity leave was coming to an end how were you feeling about returning to work?
"I was feeling scared, anxious and guilty about leaving him even though I knew I was doing the right thing for my family. I was not worried about his care due to knowing little angels very well and from my previous experience of working in childcare I was happy that he was going to a small setting."

What did Nursery do to support you through this time?
"I came for a look around with my husband which gave me a good understanding of the setting and what happened day to day. My son had settle in sessions which allowed him to get use to nursery slowly and really helped me with leaving him. I still felt guilty leaving him, but nursery phoned to tell me he was ok and settled which put my mind at rest. I also phoned a couple of times just to check in and the staff were very understanding and reassured me he was ok."

So that first day has arrived, how did you feel?

"I cried, just like i'm sure most new mums do I did not want to leave him and it was very emotional however, the staff at nursery really reassured me and phoned me to let me know my son had settled and was doing well. I still phoned twice throughout the day just to pt my mind at rest, the staff were very understanding and reassured me everything was ok, I left work early that day to pick him up and saw his little face smiling in the baby room, I knew it was the right decision."

It's happened you have returned to work, what were your concerns and worries?

"To be honest my biggest worry was missing milestones in my child's life, like walking, saying his first word all those moment as a mummy you want to be there for, i'm sure the same as any other parent."

Defiantly, how did nursery help you to feel better about this?

"The staff were very supportive and i knew they knew my child and what he had been up to. Each morning his key person would ask if he had achieved anything great, did he walk last night? I heard him say 'ba' yesterday have you heard this? They kept me updated on everything he got up to in his day. I really appreciated
the 'a day in the life of' baby forms which told me all about his day and the staff would reassure me at handovers on all he had been up to. I also loved getting to read the observations at home of what he had been doing and learning, it was lovely to watch him having fun at nursery."

So six months on, your back in a routine how do you feel?

"I no longer felt anxious or worried but i think 'mummy guilt' is always there but I knew he was happy and that made everything better. By the time he had turned one he had made friends at nursery which made me feel far less guilty and happy for him. I loved the social aspect of the nursery and it was lovely when he got invited to his first friends birthday party!"

So what advice would you say to a new mum thinking of returning to work?

"Go with your instincts when choosing a nursery, go with your heart and you will know and never judge a book by its cover, the staff make a nursery and you want your child to be cared for by people who really care. I would also say don't feel too guilty your child will be happy and you are doing the right thing it's shown my child that you need to work to get the things you want."

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