Throughout the next few months we will be looking at what to expect at 2 years old, throughout the 3 prime areas
  • Personal, social and emotional
  • Communication and language
  • Physical Development
This week we are focusing on Communication and Language development between 16-36 months, these aims come from the EYFS (Early Years Foundation Stage) the government guidelines which all practitioners follow to support them track your child's progress.
Here are the guidelines of what to be looking out for with your little angel to be achieving at this age.
Is your little angel able to or showing signs of:
  • Enjoys listening to rhythmic patters in rhymes and stories i.e. 'were going on a bear hunt were going to catch a big one' and are beginning to join in
  • They may not appear to hear (yes they may just pretend not to hear but this is a developmental skill)
  • Do they listen with interest to the noises you make when reading a story i.e. loud and quiet voices
  • Do they respond to familiar sounds i.e. if someone knocks on the door, do they look or begin to go to the door
  • Can they shift their attention i.e. calling their name
  • Can they select a familiar object from a group when asked i.e. 'get cup'
  • Do they understand simple sentences i.e. throw the ball
  • Do they understand more complex sentences i.e 'put your toys away then we'll read a book
  • Do they understand 'who, what and where' in simple questions i.e. who's that? what's that? where is?
  • Are they beginning to develop an understanding on big and little i.e. 'big car, little car'
  • Do they familiar expressions i.e ‘Oh dear’, ‘All gone’.
  • Are they beginning to put two words together (e.g. ‘want ball’, ‘more juice’).
  • Do they use different types of everyday words (nouns, verbs and adjectives, e.g. banana, go, sleep, hot).
  • Are they beginning to ask simple questions. i.e. 'where mummy gone'
  • Are they beginning to use language such as 'I'm hungry, I'm tired to express their thoughts
  • Can they hold a conversation jumping from topic to topic i.e 'i went swimming with mummy, I'm a dinosaur'
  • Are they learn new words rapidly and using them
  • Do they use a variety of what, where, who questions i.e. who's that?
  • Can they use simple sentence i.e. 'daddy gonna work'
  • Are they beginning to use word endings i.e. 'cats, going'
Over the next few months we will be discussing what you can do at home to support your little angels through their stages of development keep updated with our blog by following us on FACEBOOK
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