Starting Primary School is a new adventure!

We know its a big change not just for your little angel but for you too as the parents/carers and we want to support you and your family as much as we can to get your little angel as ready as they can be for 'Big School'. You have already given them an amazing head start by putting them into nursery and building up the social interaction skills and ability to leave you and be settled so well done you!

But what does school readiness look like?

The Early Years Foundation Stage defines school readiness as:

"gives children a broad range of knowledge and skills that provide the right foundation for good future progress through school and life." The revised framework (September 2014)

Your little angel's development has been tracked on the EYFS from 0-60 months and this continues through to the Early Years Foundation Stage at Primary School to prepare them for Year 1 the following September. Here at Little Angels we believe in a holistic approach to learning and consider the child as a whole when getting them school ready.

This is our personal school readiness ethos at Little Angels:

Self care and independence
This is at the heart of school readiness, they go from having a ratio 1 adult to 8 children to 1 adult to 30 children this is a big shift and we need to prepare your little angels to be confidently independent. We do this is various ways and there are simple things you can do at home to help:

Personal Well being
Personal, social and emotional well being is also at the core of being school ready and something we are very passionate about at Little Angels. As one of our favourite sayings 'Happy children learn'. We develop and support this area through using the power of a 'Growth Mindset'. The idea of ' I can't v's I won't ' attitude. By having growth mindset you believe yourself and everyone else has the ability to achieve whatever they want to. Some simple key phrases to use that can make all the difference:

I can see you tried really hard....
You worked really hard on that....
I am pleased you kept trying....

Praise the process not the outcome


Finally we add in education and learning. These aims are continuously worked on throughout the Early Years foundation stage at school, however any development towards these aims is a bonus. Children learn through play and activities based around their interest, for example if they are really into dinosaurs why not start by counting all their toy dinosaurs and match them to according number. Many people believe this is the most important area to prepare your little angel for school. However, we believe their self care, independence and personal well being is paramount. As we said ' Happy children learn'.

Is it going to be the same as nursery?

The Early Years Foundation Stage is a their first year of school and this is preparing them for the beginning of the national curriculum in year one the following September. Every foundation stage is different as is every school but generally the foundation is heavily play based to begin with just like nursery with basic phonics and maths developing further as they progress through the year, so do not panic!

Will they settle quickly?

Welcome to 'The School Wobble' you may think everything has gone a little too smoothly, they walk in on their first day and school in their new uniform, brand new shoes, their book bag all excited and feeling very grown up! All may go well they have made new friends, met their teachers, enjoying playing with all the new toys, everything seems great! Then one morning sometimes after half-term or even Christmas the wobble begins. "I hate school....
I dont like school...." The novelty of everything being new wears off and they realise its everyday 5 days a week. But do not worry this is very normal and you will get through it perseverance and that growth mindset is going to be your personal tool!

A few top tips:
- Attend your child's school welcome evening with the headteacher and meet your child's new teacher
-Provide the school with all contact details and permissions
-Take your child to all the settle in sessions at the school to meet their teacher and new friends

-Attend your child's last key person meeting at nursery to receive all the transition paperwork

-Know your school's uniform and PE kit policy and start buying it now while its all cheap, don't leave it to the last minute

-Label all your child's clothing, it will go missing!

Most of all relax, stay calm and enjoy this new adventure with your little angel! Good Luck!