Are you thinking of joining our Little Angels family? You may also have some of this questions yourself...

Do you Have any spaces?

We do find ourselves very full and parents often make sure they secure a place by putting their little angel on the waiting list. However spaces can pop up from time to time. We do find the spaces available are in the baby room, as the babies and toddlers mover through the nursery filling these spaces. Most parents put their babies on the waiting list during their pregnancy.


Are you open all year round?

We are open all year but close for all the bank holidays and between Christmas and the new year. We are strong believers in family life and therefore also close on Christmas eve as we believe this a special family time, parents often laugh and say it is great as they have to have Christmas eve off work as we are closed.


So am I able to do term time only?

Unfortunately not, this is do to the fact that we are open all year round and  the staff need to be paid all year round. If you are looking for term time only we suggest you look at Preschools as they may be a better fit for you and your family.


Can I do school days 9-3?

We provide full days only for toddler and pre-schoolers. And a minimum of 1 full day, babies can do ½ day but a minimum of 1 ½ days we find works well for them to settle quicker into our little angels family.


What do I need bring?

Just bring your little Angel with a change of clothing and suitable outdoor clothing for the time of year, we provide everything else.


What happens if we are on holiday do I still pay?

Unfortunately you still have to pay if you go away on holiday and you are not using your session, the same if your little angel is off sick as we still have to pay our childcare professionals. 


My child has food allergies, how can you look after them?

We have 3 settling in sessions where we discuss your child's all about me form including allergies, dietary requirements etc. can be discussed, this information is then shared with our chef and teams in the room.


Can I visit the nursery?

During the last 18 months (pandemic) we created a virtual tour. To ensure the continued safety and wellbeing of the children and staff. We will first send a virtual tour for you to look through along with further information, after you have received this we can look into organising a look around if we have the spaces coming up and you are very keen to join our family. 


What do they have to eat?

We supply, breakfast, 2 snacks afternoon and morning along with a hot lunch and afternoon tea. Please see attached menu on our website.